There is science, where everything is supposed to be black and white. Then there is the art of science, where everything is black, white and in the middle a bit gray. I say this because there are a lot of folks who are science and won’t think outside of the box. Then there are folks who understand that not everything in life is black and/or white and it’s appropriate to question science because after all, that’s how science works. This kinda leads me to a popular theory on how people perceive health and wellness. On one hand, we have the germ theory, that is very science driven and on the other hand, we have the terrain theory, which is also science based but is not always so black and white. I can get into the reasons why I feel these theories fit in this criteria due to agenda driven science, but for all intense purposes, I will stick to the understanding of Germ theory vs terrain theory and how it pertains to mask usage including vaccines.


In the 1800s, French chemist Louis Pasteur, popularized the Germ theory suggesting that pathogens are the cause of illness. The idea is that germs are bad and they cause disease and sickness. “Killing germs” would be the solution to both treating and preventing a state of disease. This explains the widespread use of vaccinations and antibiotics. This theory paved the way for antibiotics. Don’t’ get me wrong, antibiotics are not all bad; however, they should be used as a last resort because antibiotics kill both good and bad gut bacteria. This theory goes along with the idea that there is a pill for everything. And then there is even a pill to fix that pill.

This theory is accurate in that germs can cause illness. However, can a pathogen truly survive in a host that does not supply an optimal environment? The answer is No. To better explain this, If the AC in your home is not working, do you A) sit inside, endure and/or possibly die from heat stroke or B) Get the heck out of there and find a better environment to thrive in?

Create an environment from within that a pathogen will not survive in, let alone even consider sticking around for long.

Pathogens tend to survive in an acidic environment. I mentioned this before in our SIBO blog. Acidity comes from the foods we eat. Protect your gut microbiome and you will have the tools to maintain a healthy body.

Well balanced body

On the other hand, it was physiologist Claude Bernarnd, that popularized the Terrain theory arguing that if the body is well balanced then germs can’t survive. Germs can only survive if it’s an ideal host of poor health. Microbes can’t cause infection unless conditions within the body encourage their growth and reproduction. When exposed to pathogens, we become ill if our defenses are weakened by deficiencies or toxicities. 

This theory explains why in a pandemic, some recover, some die, and some only have minor symptoms. This is the same idea with the flu. You tend to hear “I felt like I was hit by a bus” while others mention of just having cold like symptoms. The same virus yet each person reacts different.

It is argued that the terrain of the body is more important then the pathogens that infect it. It was Pasteur himself (the guy who originated the germ theory) whom admitted….

“Bernard was right; The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything”.

For almost hundreds of years, health experts continue to ignore the terrain theory, focusing on ways to kill-viruses, thus the covid vaccine you see now. Why do we spend so much time, money and effort on creating a vaccine rather than educating and giving the proper tools to promote preventive healthcare? There is very few recommendations on how to strengthen the immune system to protect you from an illness or pandemic. It is very pharmaceutical driven. While some have become paralyzed by fear with the use of masks and social distancing, others have taken this as a wake up call to improve their overall health status. Here are a few ways to strengthen your immune system.

  • Eat real food- Changing your eating habits is the hardest challenge because it is more then just saying you want to verse actually doing it. Meal planning has always helped me. I try to have more items from produce in my cart and I stay away from boxed items as much as possible because these tend to have a ton of refined sugar (AKA bad sugar). No one is perfect but here is more info on reading labels and meal planning. I am a big believer in moderation.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and botanicals- Antioxidants play a huge role in boosting your immune system. You know how they say the aftermath of covid is the worst for some folks?… This is because of the cytokine storm and oxidative stress. Well, some vitamins are ANTI-oxidants. These eat the bad stuff so-to-speak. I have information on Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron on my blog. Elderberry and Echinacea are considered a botanical. These are excellent examples of supplements to utilize during a virus to boost your immune system. 
  • Sleep and exercise- Optimal sleep will allow your body time to heal and exercise reduces stress. This goes without saying but important to mention.
  • Oxygen status- The better the air you breathe, the better your blood flows and your heart pumps to optimize your oxygenation status. In other words, people who smoke have a hard time fighting colds compared to non-smokers.
  • Balance your nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments help balance your nervous system. The majority of Americans live in a constant state of fight-or-flight causing stress on the body. Stress can reduce your immune response. Here is more information on how chiropractic adjustment can help your health.

There is no pharmaceutical product, supplement or other intervention you can incorporate that will guarantee an infection free life but the above mentioned steps present you with the best defense against pathogens.

So now why mask vs no mask debacle

Now that you know the difference between each theory, this is why we’re seeing people view mask usage differently. People have beliefs that germs are bad and these masks will protect them from germs. A lot of the germ belief is fear driven. You don’t need a mask, antibiotics or a vaccine to be healthy. This is what we are told. They are a bandaid solution to help prevent disease and or illness. Our number one defense is creating a healthy body. How many people do you know that still get sick while wearing a mask, getting their vaccine and social distancing?

To better inform you, masks that protect from respiratory droplets are labeled as N95 and must be fitted by professionals who have the proper equipment. PERIOD. A surgical mask is for during surgeries or coming into contact with certain patients in a hospital. Cloth masks are for environmental hazards such as sun and cold. This is the purpose of each mask. It is important to understand the purpose of each mask and the mode of transmission when considering masks. In other words, it is important to understand how you can become infected by a pathogen to determine effective PPE gear. Most PPE gear are for professional use. Non-medical professionals do not have the education to effectively use a mask or any other PPE gear aseptically.  Medical professionals are trained and checked off on skills of proper PPE usage. The best defense against any virus is to wash your hands, especially prior to eating or handling food.

The covid vaccine is a personal decision but I encourage you to look at my vaccine blog here to do your own research on vaccines in general. The covid vaccine is still an experimental drug that is not fully understood and is still not approved by the FDA.

Now, I am by no means telling you to not do these things. It is your body, your choice. Both theories are in fact important in addressing health and wellness. If our bodies do not have a strong enough immune system to deal with pathogens naturally, then we need assistance to address the situation but again, as a last resort. The problem with the germ theory is overuse and resulting in a first resort response to an illness.

To sum it up, according to some, “Germs bad”; your body, the terrain is everything; antibiotics and vaccines are bandaids; and leave PPE usage to the professionals.

So which theory do you agree with?

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