What if I said to you that not two people in this world are alike. I feel this is safe enough to say that you would agree? This holds very true for health care as well. No two patients are alike. Therefor, not every patient should receive the same exact plan of care. Are we still in agreement? What if I said to you that not all kids should receive vaccines? Would you disagree with me then?… Because we just established that not even two people in this world are alike and not every patient should receive the same plan of care. Vaccines are not a one size fits all.

Why are some people concerned regarding vaccines and why are others not concerned.

Are Vaccines safe

I have my opinions on this. However, as a holistic advocate, I encourage you to research the facts to make the best informed decision possible. I will say there are numerous chemicals in a vaccine. These chemicals are known as DNA disruptors. What does that even mean, a DNA disruptor?!  It means just what it says, the chemical that is injected into your body disrupts the natural makeup that makes up who you are and changes it. Alters it. So what does that mean long term? For some, it means absolutely nothing. For others, it can be minor to life altering changes. And it can also be passed down genetically to your children.

Why are some people “Anti-Vaxx”

First, I don’t like this term “anti-vaxx”. In the beginning of my nursing days, people who didn’t want a flu shot, were not considered anti-vaxx and no one even bat an eye if you declined a vaccine. Hep A was optional. Flu… optional. Rota… didnt even exist. At some point the narrative changed. The flu vaccine became mandated in hospitals for health care workers, and providers were encouraged to push the vaccine on all patients. This was the beginning of the end for forced vaccines. What once was considered a vaccine to protect yourself has now become an idea to protect each other. The notion to hold others accountable for your own health care.

Most people believe anti-vaxxers are anti-science. That is far from the truth. They are very pro-science. They are just pro-science that is not agenda driven to fit a narrative. Ill let you draw your own conclusions as to what I mean by this but I will say that not everything the government suggests has our best interest in mind.

The people who are not for vaccines are generally people who have experienced or know someone close who has experienced a vaccine related injury. They have been stone walled by modern medicine and led down the path of alternative medicine in order to better understand why their child has these symptoms and how to relieve those symptoms. Most importantly, they know and understand the ingredients in a vaccine. You will never meet someone that has truly researched vaccines and still vaccinates.

Why are some people “pro-vaccine

They prefer to receive a vaccine rather than the disease. It’s a double-edge sword. That’s okay, I can relate to some degree. I mean, I have taken care of elderly patients back in my day who have suffered from Polio. No thank you. These pro-vaxx people have taken vaccines their whole life and have not had a related injury, or perhaps they have and do not even realize it. For those that are pro-vaxx, I am not here to change your mind. I encourage all to research anything that is a part of their medical care plan.

Research, Research, Research…..

We are in a world today where we cant act or even breathe unless it is research driven. You know, “science”. And I agree to an extent because I am a nurse and I love science, especially biology. However, not everything in life is absolute. We also have to really consider where our information, our “science”, is coming from? Who benefits from this information? And is the research unbiased? I don’t want to give off the notion that I am only anti-vaxx, anti-science, or pro-vaxx. To each their own. However, I want to educate others to think and listen before deciding on any type of health care for their family.  Here are some links to help you research vaccines. I think these sites do a pretty good job at being unbiased and just give the facts.

The Ingredients

This link offers a list of ingredients for each vaccine. Take a look at the ingredients and research each item. Some words like “phthalates” are hard to understand but this is a chemical that can affect the liver, kidney, lungs and reproductive system. If you google “phthalates”, you will notice almost every website discussing the chemical as toxic. However, the CDC and FDA seems to find that “there is not enough research” to determine this chemical as toxic to our health.

The Vaccine Guide

This link will provide Scientific and government researched data by toxicologist regarding all vaccine information.

Do Vaccine related injuries exist

Yes. I will not sit here and claim this vaccine gave a child XYZ diagnosis. A vaccine cannot give you a disease. However, a vaccine is a DNA disruptor. It has the ability to turn on genes like a light switch so-to-speak and THAT can cause an illness. It can be a big life altering injury or it can be something that is gradual, leading to chronic illness. Vaccine injuries are real and they do exist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or belittle this fact. I am sorry if you disagree, do not understand or refuse to understand. They exist. Period. They exist so much that they have an entire website dedicated to reporting an vaccine related injury. An entire website dedicated to lawsuits related to vaccine injuries. And an entire congressional bill dedicated to protecting corporations that create vaccines. See below a few more links to research.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

This link is a website for reporting adverse reactions from a vaccine.

H.R. 5546- National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

This Link brings you to the vaccine act basically relieving any vaccine manufacturer/corporation from liability of any vaccine injury.

Compensation for vaccine injuries

This link will direct you to the compensation trust fund program for vaccine related injuries. This program is funded by federal excise taxes rather than holding the corporations accountable to enforce safer standards for better quality vaccines.

Reported lawsuits for injuries

These lawsuits that are occurring around the country that help advocate for informed consent and vaccine injures.

Informed Consent

You can still believe in vaccines but the risk of a vaccine injury is very real. Some kids will have mild side effects such as fever, tired and run down, maybe even a rash. However, some kids will exhibit major neurological symptoms. A doctor is morally and legally obligated to tell you any risks involved with any medication, procedure, or intervention. Ask your doctor about the good, the bad and the ugly. True informed consent explains all the risks, even the scary ones. True informed consent at one point did exist, however, that no longer holds completely true today. Read more about informed consent here.

What can I do to keep the discussion going?

  • If you question the decision to get or not get vaccines for your child, do more research until you feel comfortable about your decision.
  • Abbreviated or adjusted vaccine schedule is also an option.
  • A medical or religious exemption is also an option.
  • Titers can be utilized to assess for immunity after initial dose rather than numerous series.
  • Own your beliefs with whatever you decide. It is your decision and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Don’t parent shame others for the choices they make for their kids. Life is hard enough these days. Remember, not any two people are alike.

Having a pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx stance does not make you right nor wrong. It means everyone comes from different walks of life. Its hard to see another perspective if we do not listen. In the interest of medical freedom, I hope this allows people the opportunity to learn more so they can make the best, most informed decision.

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