I recently took a poll for shoe wearing vs non shoe wearing in the house. The results were surprising in the fact that the poll was pretty down the middle. I was shocked because this is such a foreign concept to me. I was always raised to remove my shoes before entering a home and this is something I have carried and passed on to my kids. I have learned that not only is this a generational habit but also a cultural practice in other countries. Some places remove shoes out of respect.

Then I think back to my pre-nursing days when I took that microbiology class and I ponder, what truly is on my shoes and what I could be tracking inside my house. My kids play on our floor everyday. I have babies that crawl and we know how much ends up in their mouth. The food that is dropped and how that “five second rule” applies to kids and most adults for that matter. So naturally, I had to research this, not only for my self knowledge but also for all my compromised kiddos out there. Here is the scoop. Here are three reasons why you should NOT wear shoes in your house!…

Shoe wearer or non shoe wearer in the house, that is the question!……

Germs! Germs! Germs!

According to a University of Arizona study, There are a little over 400,000 types of bacteria on your shoes. E. coli is one in particular that was excessively detected. Which basically means, you stepped on poo! Other common bacteria found in the study is Clostridium Difficile and Klebsiella Pneumoniae. The same study suggested that we can transfer up to 90%-99% of whatever we step on. So basically everything we step on from outside of the house, essentially will end up inside our house. I don’t know about you but that’s super disturbing facts. Think of it as this way, when you use a public restroom, you will come into contact with fecal matter or some other bodily fluid and track that through out your entire home.


Among the many various bacteria, there is also the exposure to transferring toxins. There are thousands of biological material we come into contact each day. Common toxins we come into contact just by walking to your mailbox include gasoline, oil, fertilizer and pesticides. Fertilizer can last up to a week after application. Exposure to fertilizer can cause skin rashes and gastrointestinal issues.


Not wearing shoes in your house can cut cleaning time in half. The first question a house keeper will ask is if you wear shoes in your house and this is why. Shoes can drag in dirt. Carpet is even harder to keep clean because organism can survive longer from build up over time. Also, if you have a child with an compromised immune system or allergy issues, its a good idea to take off your shoes. Shoes can pick up outdoor mold and pollen.

A certain amount of bacteria is good for us, but a lot can be potentially dangerous to your health. The point is, if you want to reduce the spread of germs in your home, it’s important to leave your shoes by the front door. Be a non shoe wearer.

What say you? Do you or dont you wear shoes in the house and why? Comment below.




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